Silly putty, penicillin, and Pupsicool . . . a list of accidents turned inventions extraordinaire. A few years ago, Julie Brewer, a doting dog mom and college career counselor, found herself freezing the leftover broth from a venison bone she had boiled for her new rescue pup, Bowdie. Several weeks later on a hot Texas afternoon, she discovered the forgotten ice block. Bowdie took one lick off the pop, and Pupsicool was born. Low-calorie and easy on tummies, Julie discovered that her new, healthy ice pops didn’t contain sugar, dairy, or preservatives like other in-store treats. A small but mighty underdog, the Pupsicool brand is making its way around the Austin area of Texas one lick at a time.



Pupsicool seeks to support and celebrate the special bond between dogs and their owners through its unique, honest, and tasty ice pops. Oh.. and all while keeping dogs cool!